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Updated 7.25.2021

Celebrating 38 years of breeding parrots in Denver Colorado!

Our 2021 breeding season has just begun!

Items You Need to Buy

Basic must have items:

1) Spacious safe caging: (not placed near a window or tall enough to be above your head as this causes dominance issues)

a) For Conures: A parrot cage. Conures need to be housed as safely as a Macaw they are smart little stinkers that will escape an ill equipped cage. Cages need to have secure latching doors. Not easy slide up doors like a Parakeet, Finch or Canary might use. Play top cages are best for optimal out time. A typical Conure cage might be around 24"L X 22" W X 65" T. You can go ridiculously bigger just be sure the bar spacing is 3/4" no larger. 1/2" is fine, or 5/8".

2) 3 cups. One for pellets, one for Veggies and fruit. And one for water.

3) Clause! Do not buy nests! They cause egg laying and aggressive breeding behavior. Birds do not need them!

4) Zupreem pellets. My birds are being raised on it. Conures like the medium size with the Cockatiel on the bag. Get the natural and fruit.

5) Spray millet. (at least for the first month)

6) Cuttlebone & a mineral block. Must have both.

7) Perches, differing sizes. At least 2. 1/2" and 5/8". Including a Lava Ledge for beaks and nails.

8) 2 toys. At least one must be wood for chewing. One or both need a bell. Conures like to chew wood so please provide that for them.

9) News paper for the cage bottom, unless you want to use a pelleted substrate or the like.

10) Spray bottle only used for bath water. (they need a bath at least 3 days a week) If they bath themselves no need to do it yourself.

11) A carrier to take him or her home in.

12) Clear f10 cleaner or bleach & a sponge for cage cleaning. (when the bird is not in it!- In the tub with hot water, rinse well!) Alternatively use 256 cleaner.

13) A table top play pen or a play stand.

14) Make sure you bring 2 copies of the adoption contract that I emailed you. If you do not, I will not let the babies go home. You will have to go home and get it if you forget. It's the law, I have to have a copy of that on file.


1) Prime vitamins.

2) Treats, like a bird biscuit. Zupreem has the smart snack variety.

3) See my diets page for ideas.


Best places to get bird supplies are Pet World on 10th and Wadsworth or World of Birds on 20th and Wadsworth or All Things Birdy on Mansfield and basically Santa Fe.

Warning! Sand Paper Perch Covers Are Painful!

Do not use sand paper perch covers! They are very painful and cause nerve damage to the foot. Good breeders and bird owners stopped using them 20 years ago. Only low ball money hungry stores still use them. They cause severe pain to the foot just like the old swimming pools and birds loose their grip and can't stand permanently. They are torture for birds!

If you want a nail perch use only one cement, lava, mineral or similar perch. Just one so they can get away from it when they don't want to sit on it.