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  • Individual pictures are done when the DNA results come in. I will send out a mailer at that time making them available.
  •  Available chicks are marked as "available" to make it simple for you.
  • Green Cheek Conure babies are ready for their new homes at about 9 weeks old for instate pickups and about
    10 weeks old for flights out of state.
  • Sun Conures about 13 weeks instate & 14 weeks shipping.
  • Budgies go home about 6 weeks old instate & 7 weeks old for shipping. I'll post them around 3-4 weeks old.
  • Please contact me for pick up times for your baby. Pick up times are listed at bottom of the page.

Links To Babies:

The babies can be reserved only after we have marked them as available.


Link is up on Todd X Vixey's clutch. The rest are not up because the babies are not all hatched yet.


Todd X Vixey - Eggs just finished hatching!

Todd X Vixey
This pair will have all Turquoise. Variations may include male and female Yellow Sided, female Cinnamon, female Pineapple.

Looks like we have a good sized clutch from this pair!

We will keep one to further our generations.

Peppermint X Patty - Babies are Hatching!

Peppermint X Patty
Hoping for Mint, Opamint, Dilute, Yellow Sided, Pineapple, Cinnamon, And Turquoise, or Turquoise variations of all of these. Also normal Green.

Planned to keep: A YS, Pineapple or Dilute/Mint. I do not need the Normal Greens or Turquoise normals.


Hank X Skeeter - Babies are Hatching!

Hank X Skeeter
All Turquoise variations of normal both sex's, female Cinnamon, female Yellow Sided, female Pineapple.

My most prolific pair. Parents to one of the birds on most of my other turquoise pairs.