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Updated 1.19.2020

Celebrating 36 years of breeding
parrots in Denver Colorado!

Babies are posted in the nursery!

When Can You Choose a Baby?

We will do DNA sexing on the babies once the youngest in the clutch is 2 weeks old. Once those results come back we will make the babies available. Not before that. Once I post them as available, and after adoption approval from us you can put a non refundable $200 down on the baby you want. The remainder needs to be paid before you take the baby home.

1) Babies are ready for their new homes at 9-14 weeks old on Conures. Depending on when they wean. I keep them for a week after they wean to be sure they are eating very well before they leave here. DOB is on their page for you. Dates are approximate a baby may be picky and need more time. I cannot give you a go home date until Conures are starting to eat. YOU need to be flexible nothing is set in stone until after they are weaned!!!!! You can contact me about pick up dates. 
2) Individual pix are usually done around 5 weeks on Conures maybe sooner.  I will contact you at that time to pick a baby. Since pictures will be up to look at.
3) Pick up times listed at bottom of page.
4) Available chicks are marked as "available" to make it simple for you.
5) My babies don't last long, so I will need you to email me promptly.
6) I constantly update info and pictures of the babies on their individual pages. So keep looking. I will ask for you to contact me for pick up times on those pages as well. And join my fb page listed below too.

I post most of my updates on my Facebook forum. I love when my adopters post on the FB page. We can all get excited together lol! 

Click on the pairs name for the babies info. (when link is up)

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More Info

Click on the links to open the baby pages.

Hank X Skeeter -Currently hatching eggs. Egg count 7.

Hank X Skeeter (Click for more info)

 For Turquoise babies! Possible Cinnamon Turquoise as well.

Need a Carrier?

$25 each for Conure size

Please note that I cannot always get the same tote pictured here. At times there may be slightly different looking carriers but about the same dimensions as this one. Since you need to bring your own carrier to pick up the bird I do offer them for purchase.

***Please order at least one week before pick up. These are hand made and I cant make them last minute!



Need a PVC Play Stand?

$25 each

This playpen is made specifically for Budgies & Conures. Its 10" wide 10" Tall and 12" from front to back at the base. Birds can sit on the top or on the legs. Sitting surfaces are wood grain for birdie traction.

One week notice as they are hand made special for you.