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Green Cheek Conure Info

Green Cheek Conures are very special little parrots. They are energetic, curious and funny. And love their people. They come in many different colors which make them fun to collect. They can do well playing with other birds, but they are not colony birds so they can get bossy and chase other birds around. Some of them can be housed with another Green Cheek or similar parrot.  It depends on the bird. 

Green Cheeks are considered quieter on the parrot loudness scale. But that does not mean they are silent. They love to chatter and make their noises.  Green Cheeks can learn to say a few words. They are considered a small parrot and live up to 30 years in captivity.

Green Cheeks are lovable and sweet, but can also be little stinkers. They are energetic and curious so they will test what they can and cannot do. They are funny little characters and will always be great entertainment in your home.

Green Cheeks love wood toys, they nibble at them and ruin them slowly in my opinion. But do not get parakeet toys for them, they are not species appropriate. The little parakeet toys such as hanging ring toys can get stuck around these bigger birds. So get small parrot toys! They love bells too. Parrot bells!