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Updated 5.11.2021

Celebrating 38 years of breeding parrots in Denver Colorado!


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Due to the airlines only doing flights for medical people, animal shipping is not being offered from us at this time.

Andy X Hayley


Clutch Info

Band # 6 DOB 3.13.2020 Turquoise

Band # 7 DOB 3.15.2020 Turquoise

Band # 8 DOB 3.19.2020 Turquoise Has a white toe like daddy.

Babies will come with DNA sexing. But it has not come in yet. If you want a certain sex I'll have to have you wait for another clutch when the lab can test faster not during the pandemic. I will get the DNA's before they go home. When applying please apply for a specific baby not "any". As this slows the process.


Band #6 Turquoise
Reserved for Lilli Elwood in Ft Collins Colorado Paid in full
Band #7 Turquoise
Reserved for Mostafa in Denver Colorado Paid in Full
Band #8 Turquoise
Reserved foer Michelle Maguire in Breckenridge Colorado
Paid in full